Preserve - How to Register


Welcome to The Preserve Website, please review the quick instructions on how to register below.

New Homeowner or Lot Owner Process: (Please review note below on how to enter Unit/Lot Number  - No Letters or leading zeros)

  • Select the Register button at the top right corner of the home page
  • Select I am a Homeowner or Lot Owner
  • Fill in Name, Email, Address and UNIT/LOT number (example: enter unit 44, lot 52 as 44/52 - No Letters or leading zeros)
  • You must enter both your UNIT and LOT number in the Lot Number field. There is not a separate unit number field. Enter unit number first followed by lot number. For example enter unit 44, lot 52 as 44/52.
  • Password can be any combination of letters and/or numbers.
  • Save your information.

Note: Each member may register individually. To register One email for household, please put both names in first name slot.                        
          Example:  (First Name:  John & Jane or John & Jane Smith)    Last Name:  Doe

Access will be granted upon Administrator verifying Homeowner is Preserve Resident. Registered member will be notified within one week or sooner via email to create a password and then be directed to the website.

Be Aware:  Newly built home's address is based on USPS Database updating the address in their system.

Validation by the Website system might require contacting new homeowners directly if address is not in USPS database before registering.